Earlier this week, Google Scholar highlighted for me a new paper on mobile security. I am familiar with the work of a couple of the authors, so I downloaded it and read the whole thing. It turns out it is, by far, the best overview/compilation of related work in the literature on mobile security research that I have ever seen.

On top of that, the paper analyzes and digests all the literature in a comprehensive way, deriving a methodology to classify attacks by their underlying and root causes, proposed mitigations and solutions, etc.

I strongly recommend folks interested in the area of mobile security to read this paper and as many of the cited works as possible. I’ve given tutorials and workshops on mobile security in the past, and I always include a suggested reading list at the end. From now on, I’ll suggest folks to read the references of this paper, highlighting some of the key ones.

All in all, I strongly recommend downloading this paper. Really good and well organized compilation of published research work on mobile security.

Rupprecht, David, et al. “On Security Research towards Future Mobile Network Generations.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.08932(2017).

On a side note, I am slowly progressing in my new research project. Testing a bunch of new attacks, both active and passive, with a modified version of srsLTE. Pretty awesome tool.