Back in 2006 I made a mistake. I wrote my undergrad thesis in Catalan. It is a very cool study on Common Radio Resource Management Strategies (CRRM) for GERAN+UMTS heterogeneous networks. I found very interesting results and proposed a bunch of techniques for certain CRRM functions. Eventually, some of my results ended up in a paper published in the proceedings of IEEE PIMRC.

My undergrad thesis is 177 pages long double space. There is a whole bunch of indexes, tables of content, references and other stuff, so it must not be more than 140 pages of text at double space.

I have translated myself the introduction and most of chapter 2, but I have no time for the whole thing. At the current rhythm I estimate I would be done in over a year, which is fine. But I am looking for volunteers who would like to help me translate it to English a bit faster. We do not need Shakespeare English, just something that can be understood. If you decide to volunteer, you decide how much you want to translate. One paragraph, one page, two pages… up to you. I will add a section at the end acknowledging everyone who helps me translate it.