This morning, when I opened my Gmail, I got a notification of a newly improved inbox, which can be customized and lists among your emails stuff from your social media and other things. I checked a bit to see what it is and how it works. A minute later, I disabled it.

Then I realized about something. For the last few years, every time Gmail has introduced a new feature, I have disabled it. In today’s case, I do not want my Inbox to look any different than what it looks now and, specially, I don’t want anything else listed in my inbox. No social media. My inbox is where I want to have my incoming emails.

Recently I also disabled the new (and terrible) compose window. And, unlike many people, I did not activate any custom theme on my inbox. It still has the same basic colors it had over 6 years ago when I created my account.

I am curious. What do you guys think? Are you actually using any of these new Gmail features?