I have not had time to write anything here lately because I have been (and still am) very busy with work. The good news is that it is because of a very cool project about which I am very excited. And any free time I have I spend it running in Central Park, hanging out with friends, hanging out with my girlfriend, watching movies (Iron Man 3 – Good, After Earth – Bad, Safe House – Very good, Parker – Good) …

As I have done sometimes before, this post will contain a bunch of things I have found out lately that, as a post, might be useless, but hopefully they will help someone at some point who is searching for answers on Google.

(N.A.: My knowledge of Unix is very basic – I am a Windows user – but I am getting better at a quite decent pace)

  • To do remote desktop from Ubuntu to a Windows machine use rdesktop.
  • To do remote desktop from anywhere to Ubuntu, install xrdp on Ubuntu.
  • When using rdesktop, use the option “-f” to make it full screen. When you wonder how the heck do I minimize a full screen in Ubuntu, do not waste your time like I did. Here is the answer: ctrl+alt+enter. Use the same keyboard shortcut to get back into full screen.
  • If an Ubuntu machine boots up without a screen connected to it, the display will not work if you connect it later). Turn off the machine, connect the display and turn it on again. The same symptom seems to occur when you disconnect the display from an Ubuntu machine for a while.
  • rdesktop on Ubuntu experiences noticeable delay if you machine does not have a decent graphics card. Chances are, you do not have a decent graphics card. It might improve a bit better if you install actual drivers for your graphics card instead of using the “default” ones.
  • A USRP N210 will not work if it does not see a gigabit connection. This is something you should know already (and I should have known), but it made me waste quite some time trying to figure out what was going on.

That’s it for today. I gotta get back to work.