My girlfriend sent me yesterday a link to some really interesting news. She is aware of my geekyness and knew that I would like this a lot (yeah, she is a very cool girlfriend). A group of scientist have created the first and world’s smallest movie. This 60 second cartoon, named “A boy and his atom”, is made with about 200 frames of about 25nm in size, and each pixel is a single atom. It took the IBM researchers 10 days to put together such a cool video.

This reminds me the year and a half that I had the pleasure and fun to work in an area related to nanotechnology. Believe it or not, despite having my background on wireless communications, I did once spend many hours in the clean-room building and testing substrates with microscopical features to be used on cell assay tests for medical applications. I did not cure cancer, but I am sure that, some day, great medical achievements will be possible thanks to the excellent work by the folks in the Nanomedicine Center for Mechanobiology. I would like to thank the member of the center who gave me the opportunity to spend a year and a half there.

In my case, despite I was decently good at using the electron beam writer and the electron beam microscope (not as good at all as my colleagues, though), I never got to do anything on the nanoscale. If I remember well, the smallest thing I did was about 100 micro-meters in size.

Anyhow, you can learn more about the world’s smallest movie ever here.