I was reading this morning about a cool visualization of tweet languages on the NYC area. It allows to see in what areas there is a majority of tweets in each language. You can find it here.

From Fast Company:


Visualizing the location of the 8.5 million geo-located tweets sent from devices in the five boroughs between January 2010 and February 2013, the interactive Twitter NYC map provides a colorful snap shot of digital life in New York. Tweets were sorted by language using Google’s translation tools, color-coded, and then plotted on a map. Spanish tweets are noted by a blue dot, Portuguese by a red dot, and Japanese by a green dot.

As project co-creator Ed Manley wrote in a blog post, “it is immediately clear how Manhattan dominates as the centre for Twitter activity in New York.” It also is the most multilingual area on Twitter, particularly in tourist-dense destinations like Times Square.

Mostly, though, people in New York are tweeting in English: 95% of tweets analyzed by the project were in that language. The next top language, Spanish, accounted for 2.7% of tweets. New York’s top Twitter languages (after English) were Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and French. If you’re looking for the neighborhoods with the most linguistic diversity combined with tech savvy, Manley also notes that the most popular zones for non-English tweets are South Brooklyn, Coney Island, and Jackson Heights.