I thought it would be a good idea to share some public and openly available resources that I often use at work. They are not spectacular, but they are things than come in handy while working on LTE related stuff or data processing.

  • (LTE) frequency band calculator: In this website you can find an accurate list of all the frequency bands, with their BW, central frequency for uplink and downlink, the separation for duplexing, etc. It also details the LTE bands both for FDD and TDD. Finally, my favorite, it has an automatic translator from frequency to EARFCN. Really useful.
  • LTE PDSCH allocation calculator: Not a big deal, but it is useful when you need to make some quick math in terms of LTE allocation, number of bits you can allocate per symbol with a given configuration, etc.
  • GSM Mobile Network Codes (MNC-MCC): A comprehensive list of all (?) MNC-MCC network codes. So if you sniff traffic from a base station you can tell what provider it is from, etc. Trust me, this can be very useful. For weeks I kept getting the wrong signal (not from my lab base station) at my test UEs and I did not know where it was coming from. Now I know and I managed to cancel that interference.
  • GPS visualizer: This is very useful when you want to plot location data on Google Maps. Do you know how to do it? Me neither. So, do like me, format the data nicely in an Excel file following these instructions and, voila, your data plotted on Google Maps!

I have some other cool resources I use often, but I shared most of them in this blog in the past. My favorite by faaaaaaaaaaar is the online Latex equation editor.