Happy new year everyone!

Let’s hope 2013 will be as good or better than 2012. So far things look good. I just got back from a trip back to the most gorgeous city in the universe (Barcelona), Madrid is 16 points behind Barcelona in the Spanish League, Messi scored 91 goals in 2012 (not 90 like Marca claims… funny that their statistics decide individual trophies but differ from the official ones from LFP, UEFA or FIFA…), work is going well and I am feeling very good. Plus some very cool concerts and shows coming up in the next couple of months…

I wanted to start the year sharing some first impressions (from the media, not mine) about what 2013 might be preparing for us in terms of technology and mainly wireless:

  • Mobile industry predictions: Some late players will enter the arena releasing their very own smart-phones. Devices from Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook (partnering with HTC) are expected to be released. Amazon and Microsoft seem to be partnering with Foxconn in this new venture. Also, new gadgets and cool devices are expected to connect to cellular networks, such as watches that track fitness levels or digital cameras that can connect to the web and take a better photo than a smartphone can. Read more at CNN and Washington Post.
  • The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona rocks: The mobile technology showcase held in Barcelona every February has been, is and will remain the flagship congress for mobile technology. To the point that CTIA, its main US counterpart, will move its main event to fall 2014 and discontinue their second yearly event in an effort to get out from under the shadow of the Mobile World Congress. They better find a good location or it will be complicated… If you want to know why hundreds of thousands of people keep attending, year after year, a conference in the exact same location, go visit Barcelona. Trust me, you’ll understand. Read more about the changes in CTIA here.

Have a nice day!