I recently had the chance to play a bit with a Windows 8 computer. That specific Staples store was deserted and I thought it was my best chance to sit and test the new Microsoft OS for a few minutes. Not even in my wildest dreams I could have predicted what happened: I could not use it!

Before proceeding I want to clarify two things: 1) I have not used Windows 8 enough to make a good evaluation of it and I am writing here is just a first impression and 2) I have seen Windows 8 running on a new smart-phone and it is easy and very appealing to use.

Anyhow, Windows 8 running on a PC or laptop is very difficult to use. I could literally not figure out how to do anything. And that was a very bad first impression, specially when the main competition (Apple’s MacOS) is easy and intuitive to use for basic applications. The worst part was to see that Windows’ main flagship, the Start button, was nowhere to be found.

Well, there are already several applications available that fix that problem and attempt to give functionality and an easy user interface back to windows. Some of them are reviewed here.

All in all, Windows 8 is hard to use according to standard Windows users. It does work great and is easy to use for smart phones, though. Check out the Nokia Lumia 920 and you’ll see what I mean!