Wednesday morning. I hate working from home but I am doing quite a good job at waking up very early and getting stuff done. Still, I cannot spend the whole day at home, so I left for a quick walk this morning. In my neighborhood everything is back to normal, like if nothing had ever happened… but that’s just what it looks like. When walking into any store or restaurant one notices that they are very short in staff. Pretty much, only people who can make it to work walking or by bus is here. And some stores are still closed.

No news on when the subway service will be back up, but the latest reports indicate that it will be long. The infrastructure suffered major damage and it could be a few weeks until the subway is fully up and running.

The weather is nice, quite decent and not too cold. I am craving a run in Central Park, but the park is closed due to dangerous conditions. This is clearly going to be a long boring week…

Back to work.

ps. As my mom said, these things do not happen in Barcelona.

ps2. I was thinking last night… not only I have experience and earthquake and two hurricanes, when I lived in California I was right in the middle of the largest wildfires ever. In America everything is like being in a movie!