Here I am, working from home today. NYC has shut down in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. No subway, buses or trains running. In days like today I am glad to live in a very nice Manhattan neighborhood. I do miss a lot my work desk and my chair… my apartment furniture was not bought with long days of work in mind. My girlfriend’s desk is much more comfortable than mine, so I am taking over it for a couple of days…

A bit over a year ago Irene – the hurricane, that is – visited us. It was bad in many places, but here in NYC it felt like a strong storm. Everyone was really disappointed and annoyed that, for the first time in a long time, they shut down public transportation. One of the things I will never forget about Irene was when, at about 7am on that Sunday, I woke up and looked out of the window. Everything was calm and quiet, more than I had ever seen it. I went downstairs and got on the street. It was the eye of the storm and, indeed, it was so quiet and very humid. It felt like, any moment, I would see a horde of zombies turning around the corner. For a couple of minutes I felt like Will Smith in I am Legend. Until my neighbor come downstairs as well.

Anyways, they say this time is going to be worst. And by “they” I mean the “experts” who say stuff on TV that often scares people more than reflects facts. We’ll see. All I know is that the grocery store in my neighborhood was out of almost everything. Maybe these experts are paid by the government to reactivate the economy?

My tea is ready. Time to get back to work. Stay safe, my friends.