Singapore Airlines recently announced that it will discontinue the non-stop service between Newark International Airport and Singapore, a 19 hour long flight with only business class seats.

If a New York to Barcelona flight feels really long to me, I cannot even imagine what would it be to spend 19 hours in a place. Having a business class seat might help a lot, though. I’ll keep asking for a free upgrade each time I fly with my preferred airline… maybe some day I’ll get lucky.

From Bloomberg news: Singapore Airlines to End World’s Longest Non-Stop Flights

The all-business-class flights will end in the fourth- quarter of next year, the airline said in a statement yesterday, as it announced an order for 25 Airbus SAS aircraft. The Toulouse-based planemaker will acquire the five four-engine A340-500s used on the routes as part of the deal.

The end of the almost 19-hour Newark service will leave Singapore Air travelers facing a five hour longer trip to New York, as the carrier’s alternative route goes to the city’s JFK airport via Frankfurt. The airline is canceling the non-stop services, which started in 2004, as businesses cutting costs hit long-haul travel.