This post is just an open question to the Internet. My fellow researchers and other people out there, I was wondering why so many conferences will take place in Budapest next year. I have never been there – actually I heard it is a gorgeous city -, but it sounds strange that so many conferences will be there. As a European I was hoping to submit to conferences in Asia or Oceania… or cool locations in America.

Anyhow, I will cross my fingers to get my papers in and be able to visit the beautiful city of Budapest.

These are the conference I know (so far) that will be in Budapest in 2013:

UPDATE: Thank you @dr__eme! Apparently, the reason why all these conferences will be in Budapest could be the fact that the European Institute of Innovation and Technology is in Budapest. The center was created back in 2008, but they might be trying to attract research conferences to be hosted in that city.