I do not like to write bad stuff about anyone (except for Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo) so, trust me, Netflix really messed up to motivate me to write the following story:

One month ago my credit card was canceled due to some fraud activities. I updated my credit card info except for Netflix. My bad, I forgot. Once the next billing cycle started, I got an email from Netflix called “oops, Houston we have a problem”. They asked me to update my payment information. At that point I was unaware of it, but that was the beginning of 4 very annoying weeks and no movies.

I proceeded to update my payment information while realizing that my account had been put on hold. The moment I clicked on “accept”, my account was active again. However, for some magical-mysterious-random-unexpected reason that I will never understand, my account was all messed up. All of a sudden I had no subscription for BlueRays (my original setting) and I had a subscription for streaming. I activated again the BlueRay subscription and canceled the streaming plan.

Netflix, faster than Lucky Luke, had already charged me for the streaming plan I did not want so I had to call them (at this point I had called them at least 4 times) to complain. They got me a refund. Later that day I found out that my DVD queue with 150+ movies was gone and nowhere to be found. One week later and 6 calls to customer service later, my queue came back.

During all that time I added a couple of movies to my account to receive something. However, my account was not shipping movies. I called customer service 4 more times, and each time I was told the same kind of stuff: “Oh, this is a common bug. We submitted a ticket to our engineers. It will be fixed in a couple of hours/tomorrow/a couple of days”.

Yes, you are guessing right, the problem never got fixed. And then, one day I received an email:

I waited a few days and called again… and again… and again.

Finally, a customer representative (the smartest of all the ones I ever spoke with) confessed to me (and I am quoting literally) that “Netflix’s systems suck”. He told me the problem was not going to be fixed because Netflix sucks. He told me to wait until the next billing cycle when all the systems restart.

And this brings me to today when, one month later, I am having a new movie shipped.

Thank you, Netlfix, but you suck.

ps. Just in case, the opinions expressed in this post are only mine.
UPDATE: (Obviously) Netflix told me they would not charge me this month. I was not surprised, though, when n hour ago I saw on my bank statement that they had charged me. So, another call to customer service (plus the customary 12 minute wait with the most annoying tune ever) to get a refund. Netflix, you really really suck.