The day after tomorrow is a decent disaster movie from a few years ago. Also, the day after tomorrow is the day Apple has chosen to unveil the new iPhone 5. It is expected to be a new technological breakthrough, likely to be equipped with LTE and NFC. Also, it is expected to sell more than all the previous iPhones together.

Despite I am a big iPhone lover, I still think that the last “school year” Apple really sucked. Most of the world bought that Apple did a great job because they released a new iPhone and a new iPad. However, in my most humble opinion, an iPhone4 with Siri is *not* a new iPhone and a new iPad with a better screen is *not* a new iPad. It’s funny how, since they could not use the “S” trick (iPhone 4S) with the iPads because it had never been used before, they had to name the new iPad “The New iPad”.

Anyhow, in 2 days we will know how the new iPhone looks like. Stay tuned to Soft Handover. I’ll be posting the links on where to follow the presentation live online.