Finally back to write a bit here. I have been out of town for a week attending a conference and, as I often do, I kept myself disconnected from the world while on the road. I plan on writing a post on the conference soon, but for today I just want to say that, included in the (exaggeratedly overpriced) conference registration, we got a Blackberry Playbook “for free”. I have been willing to get a tablet for a while, an iPad most likely, but since I knew I’d get this one “for free”, I waited.

The Playbook, already a commercial failure, reminds me a lot to the Kindle Fire I got for my brother last Christmas. Pretty much the same size, color, weight… the only difference is that the Playbook has cameras, both front and rear facing. However, one CANNOT run Skype on it, which is, in my humble opinion, stupid. Among other reasons, I want my tablet to allow me Skype mama and papa and other important people while I am on the road. I have not run anything too “heavy” on it yet, but I have heard that it has a pretty fast processor that allows running processes in parallel.

I am somehow satisfied and, for a while, I will give it a try. After all, it is smaller than an iPad and I like that. However, I have to say that the options in the Blackberry app market are extremely limited and there is literally no interesting apps to download on it. And, personally, I do not enjoy throwing angry birds against weird constructions or to cut fruits in half ninja style, so I am not sure when can I use it for. I am also a bit disappointed with the on screen keyboard. Either my fingers are very floppy or it just does not like me. It also seems to be even more annoying (if that is even possible) when trying to auto-correct me all the time while typing.

Having said that, I woke up this morning to a nice phone call and some cool news. Microsoft, the traditionally software company, has unveiled a – very cool looking – new tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Not many details are known yet (or at least I could not find much yet), but it looks like a very cool device.


Ok, back to work now. I’ll write more another day about the conference I attended.