Today’s post will sound a bit random. Lately I have been very busy for various reasons (among them a deadline, let’s cross our fingers…) and I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. In order to get back to my blog, I decided to share some thoughts on a few things I have been working on for fun over the last few months…

For a while I had been wanting to learn how to program apps. Everybody does it so, why not me? Given that I have an iPhone and that I love anything related to the iPhone and the iPad. However, when I was ready to start, I found out something that, to me, sounds ridiculous and stupid: You need a MAC computer to program apps for iOS. I immediately decided that I would not lear to program apps for iOS and added this Apple “feature” to the list of things I really dislike from Apple. Very close to the top. Very close to the overpriced and unnecessary accessories (Not only they force people to use this to connect to a display when every single non-MAC computer has a VGA connection, but they also charge you 30$ for it).

I decided to move on to Android. I liked it right from the moment I started. I already knew a bit of Java and it is really like programming in that language. Everything is already programmed for you, literally anything, you just need to put the pieces together. Once I understood the xml files, how to create a layout and how to “reference” layout sections from within the code, I was able to program decently complex apps.

Over the last 6 months I have been using Python a lot. I still dislike it quite much (I wrote a couple of posts about it earlier this year), but I have to admit that it is way faster than Matlab processing data. I am able to read and digest massive files of a couple of Gb very fast, something just impossible with Matlab. It is also much better than Matlab in digesting files with a non-standard or predefined format. The only thing I miss is that, beyond the Python documentation itself (very useful but extremely limited) there is no good big sources for samples of code. So, I end up looking up for stuff on Stack Overflow all the time.

I have been playing with the Arduinos lately. I love them. So easy to code and so many libraries and pre-coded functions and features. Like in Android/Java, it is just a matter of putting pieces together.

That’s it. Nothing new in this post. I just wanted to share some thoughts and get back into the blogging mode. I will try to post something at least a couple of times per week. And now, for you geeks out there like me, let’s all go watch The Avengers this weekend!