Today I had the pleasure to meet some of the members of the Information Visualization team at AT&T Research. I was already aware of some of their work, such as the really cool plots of the “music universe“. Exploring this map one can learn what bands are similar to the bands she or he likes and, observing the map from a vantage point, one can see how music bands are aggregated in a big “continent”, except for classical music and reggae, that seem to be far from all other music styles.

Today I saw some new demos from that team that are so cool. One of my favorites is a real time visualization of Twitter. It feeds from real time twits on an initial category one chooses and, from that moment on, it clusters and visualizes them in real time in such a cool way. You can select a key word to be highlighted during the process.

You will need a fast PC to see the whole beauty of it. My laptop is having trouble on displaying it as fluid and cool as I saw earlier today.

If you want to see other cool visualization projects, you should check the Information Visualization team and Yifan Hu’s home page.