I came across this yesterday when browsing through the IEEE Spectrum Magazine’s website. In the context of a reportage on robotics trends in 2012, I learned about this very cool idea. Three friends from childhood decided one day it would be cool to build a robot that used a smart-phone as brain. Many hours of work later, they came up with Romo, the first smart-phone based robot.

Despite it is a very simple idea, it is very well implemented and Romo is offered as an open source platform in the sense that users can create their custom applications on it. I am seriously considering to buy one…

Before wrapping up, I want to quote here what Romotive, the Vegas-based company behind Romo, offer as compensation for those lucky ones that are hired by them:

If we like you, work with you on a project and decide to hire you, then we will do the following:

  1. Send you two Romos programmed to congratulate you on joining the coolest damn team on the planet and then breakdance
  2. Send you a copy of Probabilistic Robotics by Sebastian Thrun, the Dune trilogy by Frank Herbert, and the extended Lord of the Rings DVD Trilogy (for your catatonic 10-hour viewing pleasure)
  3. Pay you more money than you can possibly imagine
  4. Offer you a chance to reshape all of human technology
  5. Give you a really ok healthcare package