Today we had of a very renowned (and cool, smart, very-good feedback giving) researcher. When discussing about work, projects and ideas, he told me I would like this paper by Travis Goodspeed and others. I printed and read it and, indeed, I think it is so cool and it is somehow related to things I would like to do.

After reading the paper I found Goodspeed’s blog, where there is an entry on this paper. I like it because it goes deeper into the genesis of the paper/idea, the famous radio broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938 that freaked out an entire nation and made many believe that we were being invaded by aliens. (If you are curious, you can listen to it here)

If you are into wireless communications and security, you should check his blog. There is some really cool stuff in there, and I have just started reading…

The paper that I was mentioning at the beginning of this post explains ways to inject packets into a system at a layer you are not supposed to. Really interesting.