I have been meaning to share this with all of you who visit my blog. I personally enjoy checking my blog stats and seeing how people reach this site, what do they search or what are they interested in.

The most seen post in this blog was the one on the day of the iPhone 4S presentation. Listing the links of sites where one could follow the event live brought thousands of visitors that day. Discarding that one, though, the ranking of visited posts is unexpected – at least to me- and is mostly not purely tech-related:

  1. Building the Lego Universe (dozens of people end here when googling “legos”)
  2. Matlab R2010b (with license) for free for Columbia students (when I was a student I also wanted things for free… and Matlab for free is as yummy as a candy box in a kindergarten playground)
  3. Handover between UMTS/LTE and wLAN (well, at least some people interested in wireless comm stuff…)
  4. A hamster co-author of a research paper by the Nobel of Physics Andre Geim (my favorite non-tech post in this blog. One further, and real, example of how science is just beautiful, fun and unpredictable)
  5. The Expendables (you would never guess how many people end here when googling for Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Willis, etc. By the way, I feel the moral obligation to state again that seeing Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis on screen at the same time in the same scene was the greatest movie moment of my whole life and should be explained in future text books. I can’t wait for The Expendables II. It seems the 3 of them are actual characters, no cameos!)

The rest of the ranking includes many tech-related posts, which makes me feel good about this site.

Finally, I wanted to add a random sample of the top search words used in Google to reach this site:

  • lombard street
  • south park awesom-0 (hell yes!)
  • sylvester stallone and arnold schwarzenegger (a knee on the floor while I type this one)
  • h.a.m.s. ter tisha (for when a movie about his/her life?)
  • nokia old school (everything is better old school…)
  • windows crash screen (I swear I never said anything that bad about windows)

That’s all for today.