This morning, at about 8.15am, there was a lot of people in the subway. As usual on weekdays at that time. Inside the car I was riding, I counted 11 people playing with their phones. From my vantage point, I could check that 5 of them were playing videogames. I was able to discern that game everyone likes where you basically just cut in half different kinds of fruit. I also spotted someone playing Angry Birds.

And then I started thinking about something. 10 years ago, if you saw a guy playing a Game Boy or a Game Gear in the subway, you would think he was a nerd. And if you were a girl, chances are you would not think “oh, how cute!”. In parallel, if you saw a girl in the subway playing videogames, you were either still asleep dreaming about girls playing videogames in the subway, or you were witnessing something that, statistically, was very rare.

Nowadays, when somebody is seen playing videogames in the subway, nobody cares. At most, people will think “oh, how cool, he has the new iPhone 4S”. Actually, tablets and cell-phones are predicted to be the main competition in the videogame industry against consoles and computer games.

That’s it. These were my subway reflections this morning on my way to work. Have a good day everyone!