If you follow my blog you should know that robotic is one of my favorite topics. I am subscribed to the IEEE Spectrum Magazine’s Robotic News mailing list. Unlike other mailing list, this one just emails a couple of times a month with very interesting stuff in robotics.

I wanted to post a couple of things I just read earlier this morning.

  • Nao from Alderaban Robotics: Nao is a really cool human-like robot that, if it really does all the things shown in the video, is beyond impressive. I love that it protects itself – the face and what, to me, looks like his lower abdomen. Very smart, Nao.
  • A Swedish TV Series uses a robotics-based Cloverfield-inspired marketing campaign: I never talked about this in this blog (I saw the movie before I started this blog), but I love the movie Cloverfield. I really enjoyed the marketing campaign that preceded it, flooding the Internet with fake websites of Japanese deep-sea exploration companies and even MySpace fake profiles of the movie characters that were regularly updated. Read this news to know the story of a Swedish new TV series that is using a similar marketing campaign that fried up with a series of mysterious YouTube videos. A (fake) Japanese robotics convention goes into panic mode when a human-like robot holding a chainsaw goes frenzy… Apparently, US movie producers already acquired the series’ rights and an American version is on its way…