As you know, the only non-technology related entries in this blog are related to soccer, either for the World Cup – and soon, next summer, about the EuroCup –  and about FC Barcelona. Given what happened yesterday, I cannot stop myself from posting this.

Until 3 to 4 years ago, defeating Real Madrid in their own stadium was a deed not easy to achieve. Barcelona had defeated them in their own home a few times, the most recent and popular one, the day that even Madrid fan’s couldn’t do anything but stand up and applause. However, for the last few years, we are just too good for them. Jose Mourinho was brought – after spending yet another bunch of millions of Euros – to do two things: conquer the 10th Champions League for Real Madrid and, finally, defeat the all-mighty Barcelona of Pep Guardiola. Well, so far he has not succeeded. Actually, certain sectors of Madrid fans already claim for his dismissal.

Anyhow, Barcelona achieve a great victory against their nemesis in a beautiful display of skills and technique. You can read about it here.

I want to end mentioning two last things. Eric Abidal, King Eric, the greatest player, who suffered a cancer last year just to bravely recover, win Champions League and, last night, score the winning goal. On the other hand, Pepe, the violent and out of control Madrid player who, once more, showed to the whole world why he should not be a soccer player. Some examples are this, this, this and this.