Since a kid I have loved Sci-Fi movies. I remember watching Total Recall, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien… and I kept wondering if, some day, it would be possible to make video calls, play with touch screen displays and other cool stuff. I remember watching Minority Report, one of my favorite movies ever, I kept thinking it would be so cool to read the newspaper in one of those flat screens with the news updating in real time.

Tonight, a great visionary, a man who changed the world, the person who made the dreams of many turn into reality, died. 50 years from now, Middle School text books will talk about him. RIP Steve Jobs.

I would like to make a petition to Apple: Would it be possible to make the user able to choose whether Siri has a female or male voice? The male option would be called Steve instead of Siri and would have Jobs’ voice. I’d really like that.