First of all, I want to state that I do like the iPhone 4S a lot. I will most likely NOT buy it, but I like it. It is really cool and is, by faaaaar, the best smart phone out there.

I was reading an article about the disappointment the new Apple gadget is generating, and the author (Jason Gilbert, from the Huffington Post) uses this hilarious – in my humble opinion – expression: iCaramba!

The new iPhone 4S is generating a lot of disappointment. It will still gather tons of people around Apple stores all over next week. But it is disappointing. And I agree with Jason Gilbert. It disappoints because it looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4. This proofs my theory that most of the Apple users buy Apple stuff just to show off… and they will never admit it.

I am a proud iPod owner. Why? Because the iPod (any model) is years light ahead of any other MP3 player out there. And it is a good investment. Mine was a Christmas present in 2006.

In terms of phones, the iPhone is also by far the best out there. But, many 3GS and 4 owners will switch to the iPhone 4S. And the reason is just to show of… and some because they are big Apple fans and big techies. I understand all those fans waiting in line at the store… when I was 17 I waited by the FNAC in my neighborhood until they opened so I could have Americana by The Offspring the day it was released.

When it comes to computers is where I disagree with the World. Macs are not the best out there. Yes, they are true masterpieces and a great investment, because they will last for years – I used to work with a guy who would pull out his 7 year old Powerbook. But try to buy a good Windows laptop and you’ll see how it lasts as much or more. Try a Toshiba or a good Lenovo. Seriously, if you go to work to a Starbucks or a random cafeteria in Manhattan and you pullt out a Toshiba Protege, nobody will think you are not cool!

Anyhow, many people seem to agree that the iPhone 4S is disappointing because it looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4. And then, how am I going to look trendy or cool?

Read the article, it is very interesting: iCaramba!

On another topic, but related to the iPhone 4S, I am particularly interested in what they did with the new antenna in the device. I will find out more and post something soon.