UPDATE: If you are looking for the live coverage of the iPhone 5 go to my post from today here. For some reason when people Google for the iPhone 5 live coverage it still sends them to this old post about the iPhone 4S.

Today is the day that many have been expecting. I secretly hope Apple presented something that is not the new iPhone 5, like a new iPad or something totally new. That would be cool. But, that is not going to happen. I bet you today we will finally see the new iPhone.

How is it going to be? How will such event be without Steve Jobs. Will Tim Cook wear dark jeans, simple sneakers and a black high neck sweater? Will the iPhone 5 be available for Sprint?

Find out about all these and more today, starting at 9.30am PT. There will be many live blogs going on, but I personally like the live coverage CNET does.

iPhone 4S release live coverage by CNET

UPDATE: Wow, 5000 people checked this post in just an hour! I wanted to share an extra link. Check the live coverage with pictures from Engagdet:

iPhone 4S release live coverage by Engadget