When I first read the headline of this news I pictured a “path” somebody walked plotted on Google Maps spelling the famous question. Something like this (apparently it turned out to be a hoax as you can read here and here) but on the map of NYC… because this kind of things always happen here.

Anyways, back to topic. I read in the Barcelona newspaper (La Vanguardia) this weekend about a Google SW Engineer who proposed to his girlfriend in a very special way. He got his girlfriend’s boss to give her a Nexus S phone with a custom pre-loaded Google Maps app. From there, she had to go to different locations were they had their first few dates and such. At each spot, one of his friends would be waiting for her with a hint for the next location, that would be automatically revealed on the phone. The seventh and final stop was at the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island, where they had their second date. There was him, a geeky SW Engineer, on his knee, popping the big question.

You can read all the details on the Google Blog he posted.

Congratulations to the recently engaged couple.