Sometimes I believe in fate and in things happening for a reason. Last night I felt a bit guilty, like if it was partially my fault that, just hours after I wrote my post on Netflix having trouble to renew its licensing contracts to stream movies because of the current skyrocketing prices, Netflix announced an increase – I would call it perhaps a spike rather than just an increase – in its prices.

It was a bit annoying that I had to find out through the news first and then, shortly before going to sleep, I received an official email from Netflix letting me know about the price change. I do not know much about this things, but it reminds me to the uncomfortable situation a football – I refuse to call it soccer, I am sorry – player experiences when she or he finds out about her/his transfer to another team through the media. That is not cool. And it is not cool either that I find out through the news that Netflix is going to charge me 60% more.

I will not be the one judging the new pricing because I still think it is a good deal. However, what I think I am allowed to judge is the spike in the price. You cannot increase the price of anything 60% and then just smile. Mr. Netflix, what if you got an email tomorrow from your landlord telling you that your rent will increase 60% starting on September 1st? Not cool, right? Try to think of a viable solution, a pricing plan or something that perhaps increases what you charge 60% but throughout 5 years or so. I understand your costs have increased, but you cannot just spike the prices 60%.

Read more about the price change here.