Google presented on Tuesday its new attempt to compete with Facebook. After the failures achieved with Orkut, Buzz and Wave, this time it seems they are in the game for real. I am unaware of the details other than what I could see in their tour at Google+ website, but it seems a very interesting proposal. Mainly because it will allow you to organize your contacts in circles, so you share things with your buddies independently from your relatives and work colleagues – in my case, I have very cool work colleagues that would go straight into the buddies circle, though -.

Other than that, other fancy stuff that, despite being good ideas, is not that impressive. An app or something in your Google phone that automatically uploads all the pictures and videos you take to your Google+ account and then you just choose whether to share them or not – so, it looks to me it is another photo/video cloud solution similar to the iCloud presented by Apple recently -. An application that allows to chat with users – like the BlackBerry chat -, a quite useless hang out application where I log in and claim to my contacts that I am hanging out by my webcam and then they join and you have a multi-point video-chat – I would much rather announce to my circle or on Facebook that I am down for summer evening beers and meet my friends in person rather than on a video-chat… -. And a couple more things…

All in all, this time it seems Google is in the battle for social networking for real. As my childhood beloved Super Nintendo’s Street Fighter II would say “Round 1, Fight!”.