Just a quick post today to share two interesting news I read this morning. It is being rumored that Apple is in the final stages of testing the new iPhone 5 – others claim it will be an iPhone 4GS – and soon will be ready to start production. An early Fall release date is expected. For the one of you, actually the one of us, who were expecting a new iPhone by July, as usual, that might not be happening. Read the news here.

Also, Apple could be working on a Sprint version of the iPhone as well. Would this mean that the next iPhone 5 will be 4G – real 4G, I am among the ones who don’t really like to label HSPA+ as 4G no matter how fast it runs – compatible? After all, if an iPhone that works on Sprint’s WiMAX network is built, you already have the RF for OFDMA that you could reuse for a 3GPP LTE version of it. Actually, maybe not, because in LTE the UL is SC-FDMA. Anyhow, I am just speculating here. Read about the Sprint iPhone here.