I feel a bit bad when I use a catchy title for a post that will not be what people expect… Anyhow, yesterday I got the June issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine. I wanted to go for a run in Central Park but, given that it was 94F – it was still 88F by midnight -, I flaked and stayed home. Before, during the commercial breaks and after the movie Taken – such a good action movie produced by Luc Besson – I read almost the entire magazine. It is a special issue with very interesting articles about Google, Facebook and the future of the social web.

Anyhow, one of the articles was so interesting that I decided to share it here. It is not really about technology, but almost. IEEE sent the famous food critic Sheila Himmel to try the food at Google’s and Facebook’s campus.

And the food is pretty remarkable, too. Both Google and Facebook go way beyond simple sustenance with menu items like venison, boar, and Kobe beef, and wheatgrass shots and variously infused spa waters. Without a doubt, these workplace cafeterias have better food than most cruise ships.

Google food is synonymous with its former chef Charlie Ayers. He once cooked for the Grateful Dead, wrote Food 2.0: Secrets of the Chef Who Fed Google (2008), and now runs a trendy café and a to-go market near Stanford University. At Google, Ayers redefined corporate cuisine by bringing it into the multicultural, locally sourced organic age. Facebook head chef Josef Desimone is proud to have taken lots of staff from Google, and his approach evolved out of the Google tradition.

I strongly recommend that you read the entire article. Apparently Facebook makes sure that “middle-American palates” are happy by serving pizza, roast turkey and other similar things. However, Google’s menu is exceptional. Facebook’s is too, but Google’s chefs would never serve pizza.

Everything seems delicious, but the author has special words for Google’s desserts:

The desserts are amazing. Even those who can resist the popular bread pudding and the oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies I encountered at Charlie’s one day still have to make it past a freezer case of Google-labeled It’s-It ice cream sandwiches, a local brand beloved by generations of San Franciscans.

Read the entire article here.