A still recovering Steve Jobs took a break to attend and present in person the new “toys” Apple has ready for us. It took place at a packed session of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2011. Among other things, such as a new iOS with some new features – new ways to move from screen to screen, multi-touch detection of the touch pad to zoom into pictures and other not so interesting things -, new apps and a new OS for the portable devices, Apple unveiled the iCloud.

Before talking about the cloud application, I would like to highlight one thing. Apple, finally, only after 4 years of forcing us to awkwardly take pictures by pressing a weird button on the screen, is going to make a change to the iPhone’s OS so we can take pictures by pressing the “volume up” button. Hallellujah! Was it really that difficult to implement? How am I supposed to take a picture if I can only hold my precious – this is how Gollum and many of us call our iPhone – with one hand? Also, if you are right handed – not to offend anyone, my brother is a lefty, but aren’t we right handed people the vast majority? -, you must hold the phone with your left hand in such a way that you are always covering the objective – at least in the iPhone 3GS -.

Anyhow, back to the cloud. Apple presented the iCloud which is basically a cloud service that automatically syncs all your Apple devices and computer (apparently it will work on Windows PCs too) automatically. For example, you install an app in your iPhone and it automatically goes to your iPod Shuffle, iTunes in your laptop, etc. You get a movie from iTunes on your iPad and it is automatically synched to your Apple TV. Not impressive, not the major technology advance of the year, but useful, very useful.

I especially like the iCloud application for music in iTunes. Now I can synch all the music in my laptop to all my other devices. But I do not have to upload everything – that would be masochistic -, the iCloud detects the songs I have and, given that there is about 19000 available songs in iTunes, they are downloaded from there to all my devices without having to pay – obvioulsy -. Well, not that obviously, because Apple is cool enough that if they find songs in my computer that I did not get from iTunes – for example I got them ripping my own CDs; yes, I still buy CDs, way less than when I was a teenager or an undergrad, but I still buy CDs once in a while… – and it assumes that I own them so they are synched too.

See the live broadcast Engadget did of the event here. Read more here and here.

And, to end this post, I just wanted to remind everyone that what Apple presented is very cool, and that Amazon might have very cool offers for start-ups to rent server time for Cloud applications, but I believe that the ones who invented the Cloud and Cloud Computing are the people at Google and Microsoft. Hotmail and Gmail were the first two successful Cloud applications ever. And nowadays everyone has her/his email “in the Cloud”.