Just a quick post to share this interesting news. Less than a year ago, illegal P2P traffic to download movies was the number 1 traffic source of the Internet. Months later, Netflix – that currently has 23.6 million customers in the US and Canada – is the biggest source traffic of the Internet.

I will not say I am not collaborating to that; I love Netflix! For a long time I’ve wanted to export the idea to Spain… but I think that too many people would “claim” that the movie was lost in the mailing process – not precisely because we have a bad postal service… – and it wouldn’t be profitable.

From USA Today:

Move over, Web surfing. Netflix movies now take up more of the Internet pipes going into North American homes.

A study published Tuesday by Sandvine Inc. shows that Netflix movies and TV shows account for nearly 30 percent of traffic into homes during peak evening hours, compared with less than 17 percent for Web browsing.

Only about a quarter of homes with broadband subscribe to Netflix, but watching movies and TV shows online takes up a lot of bandwidth compared with Web surfing, email and practically every other Internet activity except file sharing and videoconferencing.

As late as last year, both Web surfing and peer-to-peer file sharing — mainly the illegal trading of copyrighted movies — were each larger than Netflix’s traffic.