The new Kyocera Echo will be released soon on Sprint’s network. At a cost of 200$ with a 2 year contract, this phone is the first smart phone to hold two touch screens. By flipping it in a similar way one would un-hide the keyboard of TMobile’s G2, the second screen can be aligned with the main one, creating a big 4.7 inch display. However, it seems that, the bulky shape of the phone makes it unable to lay flat once both screens are aligned.

The device, which is a bit bulky, weights 6.8 ounces and is noticeably heavier that an iPhone 4 or a Blackberry Bold. Also, it seems that only seven of the phone’s apps work in the mode that runs an app on each screen.

Read the full review at the Wall Street Journal.

It has a five-megapixel camera with a flash, built-in GPS, one gigabyte of on-board memory and an eight-gigabyte microSD card that comes with the phone. It runs Android 2.2, though a Sprint spokeswoman said the Echo will be upgraded over-the-air to the newer 2.3 Android operating system before the end of the year.

Users might worry about the Kyocera Echo’s battery life since it has two screens.

Sprint estimates the phone’s talk time battery life to be about seven hours, and I usually made it through the day without charging my Echo. The phone comes with a spare battery, which can be swapped out for your original battery or can act as a power source if used with a portable charger that plugs into the phone.