6 months ago I posted about iPhone users being annoyed because their phones somehow forgot to update the time following the daylight savings scheme. In that case users were lucky because the “only” problem was that they were awaken by their phones one hour earlier than the expected time. I agree that it was not a big problem, but as a person who likes to sleep, I have to say that I would have been annoyed.

Well, 6 months, iPad2 and a couple of OS updates later, it was time to update our clocks during last Saturday’s night. However, in what seems to be a crusade against daylight savings time – perhaps they would like to abolish it in Cupertino CA… -, many iPhones neglected, yet again, the time change. But time it was worst; users were awaken one hour late!!! I am lucky and usually I can sleep on Sunday and the most I’ll miss by waking up 1 hour late is a brunch with a friend or something like that – lucky me FC Barcelona games are in the afternoon and I am always awake by that time, otherwise I would have been really pissed -. But what about the ones who were supposed to be at work on time? Or perhaps had a very promising first date over brunch?

So, no matter how many OS updates you did, apparently last Sunday many people woke up one hour later than what expected. But wait, it gets even worst. How? Well, it seems that some iPhones did not just “forgot” to advance the time by one hour, but they did go back one hour instead! Which means that some users woke up 2 hours late! You don’t really want to be 2 hours late to work or to a first date, do you?

Associated Press has more details on the news.