The main rumor in the net of the past few days has just been confirmed. Apple has just presented the iPad 2. Thanks to the people at Engadget I am able to show you here a few pics and comment on the main features of this new toy.

The new iPad two comes equipped with the new A5 chip that offers:

  • Dual-core
  • 2x faster CPU
  • 9x faster graphics
  • Same low power as A4

The new tablet by Apple is 33% thinner (8.8mm) than its predecessor and it is even thinner than an iPhone 4. It is also slightly lighter (1.3 pounds) than the iPad 1. It will be available in black and in white from day one – I assume Apple learned the lesson after a young NYC kid made a fortune selling online a kit to switch the iPhone 4 cover by a white one… I posted about it a couple of months ago -. Also, big news, “there will be models available that work both with Verizon and AT&T“. I am quoting here the guys at Engadget quoting Mr. Jobs – yes, he did give the presentation, and he looked in good shape -. I am not sure whether this really means that the same iPad can use both access networks or not, but if it is so, that is very cool. Anyhow, it seems that Apple’s deal with Verizon is for real.

In terms of battery life, they promise the same as in the first iPad: 10 hours. Other introduced features are:

  • Front and rear camera
  • HDMI video out
  • Mirrored video output, up to 1080p (you can plug it to your computer screen)
  • Personal hotspot
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer
  • 499$ for a wifi 16Gb iPad 2

My favorite improvement/feature is not in the device itself, though. It is a really cool cover that is held by means of magnets that automatically aligns it to the device. Cover the iPad and it automatically goes to sleep, uncover it and it automatically wakes up. Also, they claim the cover cleans your screen.

The covers are available in leather and in polyester, 5 color options for each. The price: Poly 39$, leather 69$.

I think that next week there will be long lines of people at every Apple store. And I am seriously considering buying one – in my defense I have to add that my laptop is about to die and I need a new one; I am debating horsepower vs portability so I can take it with me when I fly back home to Barcelona… so now I am considering a simple laptop for home plus an iPad 2 for those long boring flights and stays in Barcelona -.

What do you guys think of these new toy by Apple?

More information about the device and its release event here.