Yesterday will be always remembered as the day when the very last IP addresses were allocated. After a long time speculating about the arrival of this day, it is finally here. The last 32 bit IP addresses have just been allocated and now, no matter what, the step towards IPv6 has to be done. No more IP addresses are up for grabs, and any future address property allocation requires either dividing what’s already allocated into smaller portions or trading existing properties.

The importance of this transition towards IPv6 is so important that many big names in the industry have decided to promote what is known as the IPv6 day. On June 8th 2011, these major companies – Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo!… –  will offer content over IPv6 for a 24 hour test flight with the goal to motivate the industry to make the transition as soon as possible.

IPv6 will be a big step in networking, but it will also be the next step in wireless communications. After living the times of the network of computers and having moved to the network of people, the next step is to move to the network of things. Where everything will have an individual IP and be connected to the network. Vending machines automatically calling the headquarters asking for a restock, my fridge sending me a message to my phone when I am back home reminding me that I am almost out of milk… More or less the same kind of vision that AT&T shows in their just released new commercial.