A colleague told me today about this news:

A group of kids from a primary school in Blackawton UK developed a study that proves that buff-tailed bumblebees can learn to recognize nourishing flowers based on colors and patterns. You can read the paper here.

I would like to add that it is one of the best papers I have ever read, that it is extremelly cute at many points – I love the figures – and I would also like to express my total support to this kind of programs for children to introduce them to science and scientific curiosity from very young ages. If I hadn’t had my first Lego box when I was 4, my first Lego Technic when I was about 7 and my first circuit design game – that one with all the components individually boxed in a plastic transparent thing – I would not be where I am right now. I would not be surprised if one or more of the authors of the paper published a great paper in Science or Nature in about 20 years.

Thumbs up for Blackawton Primary School, their program “I, scientist”, the kids’ teacher Dave Strudwick and Dr. R. Beau Lotto, for making this possible. And last but not least, good job P. S. Blackawton, S. Airzee, A. Allen, S. Baker, A. Berrow, C. Blair, M. Churchill, J. Coles, R. F.-J.Cumming, L. Fraquelli, C. Hackford, A. Hinton Mellor, M. Hutchcroft, B. Ireland, D. Jewsbury, A. Littlejohns, G. M. Littlejohns, M. Lotto, J. McKeown, A. O’Toole, H. Richards, L. Robbins-Davey, S. Roblyn, H. Rodwell-Lynn, D. Schenck, J. Springer, A. Wishy and T. Rodwell-Lynn!!!!