Soft Handover is back. I have not been publishing over the last two weeks because I drove with a friend from NYC all the way down to the southernmost point of continental USA, in Key West FL. All in all it was a great and very fun experience, but I also learned many things, some of them technology/Internet-related. I will talk about those on a series of upcoming posts. For today, I am just going to talk about the non-technology-related details.

The tour took us to Atlantic City, Philadelphia, DC, Raleigh NC, Myrtel Beach SC, Savannah GA, Cocoa Beach FL, Miami Beach and Key West FL.

My first conclusion is that there is nothing like Las Vegas. Even on a Monday in January Vegas offers a huge list of activities, shows and tons of people. Atlantic City, on the other hand, looks empty and a bit depressing on a Monday in January. However, one can still win some money or at least last for a long while without loosing much applying probabilistics to the roulette.

About Philadelphia I will just say two things. As a Rocky fan, I finally got my picture next to Rocky’s statue and a video running upstairs on the Museum of Art. Also, as part of hour Man vs Food during the road trip, we had the best Philly Cheesesteak ever at Jim’s Steaks.

In DC, after asking the Capitol guide about Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol, she explained me how everyone asks about it and how most of the things in the book are fake. There are no such dungeons in the Capitol or hidden rooms. Also, I was somehow disappointed to find out that Dan Brown does not describe with accracy the Apotheosis of Washington and changes some things in it. Something very unexpected considering that he claims to describe the works of art in a very accurate manner.

In North Carolina and South Carolina they have many things. My favorite? Food. Southern food is simply delicious… and very unhealthy. For the best breakfast/lunch/brunch in Raleigh – and probably in the entire state of SC – go to Big Ed’s.

Savannah was the first place that started getting warm – in the 50s to 60s -. I had heard of it from some movies I had seen – not Gone With the Wind, I haven’t seen that one and I had no idea it takes place there – but for some reason I hadn’t anticipated how beautiful it is. One of the best stops in the trip. Beautiful city with lots of people, mostly locals in January, and great bars. They even have the club that resembles the most to Barcelona clubs I have seen so far in the US – note that I lived in LA and now I live in NYC-.

Cocoa Beach was my favorite place throughout the trip. Beautiful and quiet beach town. One of the main surf spots of the East Coast with the biggest surf store in the US, Ron Jon Surf Shop. It is warm here in January and once can wear shorts and flip flops during the day. And, it is not just a beautiful, relaxing and quiet place but it is located right next to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Cannaveral. If you are ever there, you cannot miss stopping by its visitor center, a small-scale space-devoted Disneyland.

I expected Miami Beach very different. Being from Spain and having been in Lloret de Mar, Salou, Benicassim, etc, Miami does not impress me. It does have very good art exhibits and night life. I did not like that people can smoke in bars and restaurants. If you are in South Beach, I would suggest going to a restaurant on Española Way called Tapas y Tintos. Very decent tapas prepared by a very nice cook from Castellón.

What to say about Key West. The drive from Miami to there is beautiful and that place is the closest one can find to Caribbean beaches and landscapes in the US. Very nice locals. For a great local experience with great beer – ask for the home made amber – and live music, go to the famous Captain Tony’s Bar.

As I said, I will be back soon with technological-related things I learned during the trip as well as some advise. Expect tricks to find really cheap hotels downtown wherever you want, Android Apps that make a road trip more fun and how Yelp is my personal adviser now.