In this post, last one until after Christmas day and December 26th – Dec. 26th is Sant Esteve in Catalunya, also a holiday – will be devoted to a random and useless list of the best of the best of 2010.

First of all, the most used words and events of 2010 on Twitter were the World Cup – hooray for Spain! – and the BP oil spill. Do not miss SouthPark’s Coon Saga about the BP Oil Spill!

Let’s move to YouTube. Believe it or not, the most seen video of 2010 was this:

The whole thing come from a real news that you can’t miss for its surrealism. Justin Bieber wins the silver medal in this category.

Moving on to television. The most seen TV program of 2010 was this:

The most Googled words in Spain during 2010 were Facebook, Tuenti, YouTube, Hotmail and… Marca. It says a lot about our culture when one of the most googled words is a sports newspaper. I actually read it daily, despite its irritating Real Madrid/anti-Barcelona bias. They cheer for the wrong team but hey, they are the most complete sports newspaper in Spain and it makes me day when I read there about Barcelona’s victories or when we crush Real Madrid 5-0, 0-3, 2-6, 0-2, etc.

The most seen movie of 2010 and also the biggest money making movie of all time has been James Cameron’s Avatar.

Among others, a brief list of – according to me and my very low credibility – the biggest mistakes of 2010:

Finally, a quick list of my other favorites of 2010:

Merry Christmas everyone!