Just a quick post due to a visit to an AT&T store today.

I do not like the new Windows Phone. I saw it, tried it, played with it and… no, I am sorry. I do not find it intuitive at all. Very nice to access pictures, phone stuff -texts, missed calls, agenda, etc. -, Facebook and the things you want to have on your main screen -maximum 8 things -, but not very user friendly for the rest o to use/install other apps. I do appreciate the fact that I could have 25% of my screen devoted to constant updates, news, pictures, videos and other random and useless – for anyone but me – soccer/football stuff, though.

I like their commercials, though. Very cute.

And, by the way, do people really need a cellphone with Dolby Surround? Every time I hear music coming out of a phone I picture a band of Lemmings – hundreds of childhood hours spent to save those little green guys who have the strange and preoccupying ability to commit mass suicide after shaking their heads – inside the device playing it, but I still do not want and really do not need a phone with Dolby Surround.

Some day I will start writing a series of posts about my favorite videogames ever. I have not played any videogame – aside from sporadic ProEvolution Soccer games – in many many years, though.