Many rumors are spreading throughout the net about an upcoming iPad 2 that would be lighter, thinner and – finally! – include USB ports. The screen size would remain the same. The rumors have been spreading for a while and initially the guess for a release date was next April, however, June 2011 seems more realistic. It is unclear from the rumors what will be the exact release date.

Apple will begin production of the next-generation iPad a little later than originally planned, but production is set to ramp up beginning in late February for an early April 2011 launch, according to sources for DigiTimes. A delay in the firmware is said to have pushed back plans to begin building new iPads in January, but initial shipments from OEM Foxconn should be as high as 600,000 units as Apple stockpiles inventory for its introduction.

Component suppliers have been notified that production for the “iPad 2” should begin within 100 days, with initial shipments going to Apple as soon as the end of February. But don’t expect the new iPad to be available before April 2011—just one year after the launch of the original models.

When the iPad first launched, constrained supply made the device hard to find for those who didn’t pre-order. The unexpected popularity also caused Apple to delay the international launch by at least a month. Now that the iPad is available globally—and Apple keeps adding availability in new countries on a continuing basis—Apple will need to build significantly more inventory for the launch of the second generation device during the month of March.

As usual in technology, many people might feel frustrated because, only a couple of months after they purchase their flamboyant iPad, a new model will be available.