Yesterday I was a happy man when I saw a link under the Google big colored letters. The new Nexus S. Google is releasing a new model of its popular phone, this time manufactured by Samsung instead of HTC.

In my opinion, it improves a lot its appearance from the Nexus One. According to Google, it will be available intially startin on Dec. 16th at Best Buy stores as an unlocked device, following the same Google strategy as for the Nexus One. Shortly after, it will be available through T-Mobile as well.

The device runs on an impressive 1GHz Cortex A8 processor by Hummingbird and comes equipped with a bright 4.0″ WVGA (480×800) display with super AMOLED and a back facing 5 Mp (2650×1920) camera. For videoconference, it comes with another front facing camera, this one VGA (640×480). In terms of memory, it comes with a standard 16GB iNAND flash memory.

Among other fancy specs, it is capable of 802.11n – when will we have a smart-phone with Wi-Fi direct? perhaps with the rumored iPhone 5? – and Near Field Communications, a groundbreaking and highly anticipated feature that many smartphones and other devices will probably have soon. Hopefully soon we’ll do like in Japan and purchases and bank operations will be done using our phone.

I am planning to change my phone soon and I was planning to get an AT&T contract with an iPhone, but I love Nexus phones, so now I am very hesitant. It comes unlocked, so I could use it on AT&T’s GSM-based network as well, but the initial price of 550$ seems too much for me. Perhaps should I stay with T-Mobile? Does anyone at Google need any guinea pig to test the device? I volunteer!

I want a Nexus S.