I was reading last night in La Vanguardia newspaper – for some reason I couldn’t find the news this morning so I am posting the link to another source – about a new cellphone designed and built by a Dutch company that only allows you to make phone calls and it does not even have a screen.

Named after its creator – John Doe -, the John’s Phone is an alternative to an oversaturated market with multiple – too many, in my opinion – alternatives in terms of smart phones and cellphones. It is a simple, compact and a bit over sized device that allows the user to make phone calls. The prices range from 70 to 80 Euros and comes along with very affordable and convenient plans.

An interesting feature of this cellphone is the set of pages where one writes down one’s contact names and numbers. It can be easily stored in a small compartment in the device. Clearly not as convenient as a stored phone-book, this looks to me like its main drawback. Hopefully one can store numbers in a memory and direct call them when dialing one number, something like with standard home-phones.

If it had less and bigger buttons, it could be a very interesting device for the elderly. I used to have a similar business idea when I was finishing my undergrad, just to move to America and find out about the Jitterbug phones. I still think they can be made simpler – just 2 buttons, call and end call, and asking an automated operator to connect you with somebody stored in your agenda – and cheaper though.