I was reading this morning in the Barcelona newspaper La Vanguardia some news about a teenager – who happens to be a college student living in NYC – who is making a lot of money – so far he has made 95246 Euros – by selling a kit with a white case for the iPhone 4. Following some complicated-looking but apparently easy to follow instructions, the users can switch the cover of their iPhone 4 and turn it white, which makes it look quite nice.

The seller – Fei Lam -, who offers the kit and cover for 279$, gets his supplies from China, where these kind of products are easily available.

Not everything is going that well for this fellow NewYorker. Apparently, one of the next moves by Apple was to release a white version of the current iPhone 4 in early 2011. Recently Apple – through a private investigator – contacted the kid because the Cupertino-based company claims that he is selling stolen goods.

If you would like to have your iPhone in white, visit Fei Lam’s website.