I recently bought a laptop for my work. I needed something very simple – I was not going to run simulations or anything requiring a lot of computing power since I do that on the servers we have – just for Internet, document editing and so on. I wanted something very small and light too, but I did not want to go all the way down to a notebook with a tiny screen. I would feel like I am editing my files on something not much bigger than the first Nintendo Game Boy. I also wanted something very cheap. My final choice was a Lenovo IdeaPad U350. And I am very happy with it. Exactly what I needed and the only problem – not a problem for me – is that it does not have CD/DVD.

When considering other options, I thought of switching to Apple. The MacBook Air looked like what I wanted. However, and despite being a fan of many Apple products, I never liked the MacBook Air. I know a few people who have it and I’ve had the chance to use it, just to find out that, as soon as I have a couple of applications running, it starts making more noise than the fan I use during NY hot and humid summers, it slows down to the point of intermittent total saturation and it heats up A LOT.

I recently wrote here about the new MacBook Air and how cool it looks. It is the slimmest and lightest laptop in the market. But that’s it. Today I saw a great commercial by Lenovo for their new Thinkpad X300 and I started reading a bit about their specs.

Without getting into much details, the new MacBook Air doesn’t allow you to replace the battery, doesn’t allow the user to enhance the RAM memory, has only one USB port – really? just one? with this one I really do not know what Mr. Jobs was thinking… -, no optical unit and no Ethernet. Why would someone remove the Ethernet from a laptop? Is it really that big? It might break a bit the roundness of the edges of the laptop, but you are already doing so for the USB and audio ports. People will be very disappointed with this. You can ask this guy what he thinks about it.

The Thinkpad X300 has all those things with just being a little bit heavier and bigger. Who is the winner? In the opinion of many, the Thinkpad  X300 for knockout.

MacBook Air users, I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the laptop’s performance. Does it heat up like crazy like the previous one? Does it slow down a lot when running a couple of applications in parallel?