The last post gave me an idea of something to write about: data display. In any field, not only in technology, there is always data to be displayed and explained/described to others. A graph, a table or that cool figure you spend an hour to prepare for your upcoming paper, are some examples of data display. But there is very complex ways to display data in a way that is simple to be visualized.

The last post, about 311 calls in NYC, shows two examples of visually displaying data. I found a very interesting article in Smashing Magazine that describes different know techniques and ways to display data. Some of them are very impressive.

Looking for some other cool data displays to post, I found a simple one that includes very “useful” information, as 99.9% of the contents of Facebook – unless you are a marketing company making profit from spamming people who do not secure their contact and personal information on the social network -. Facebook knows when you will be dumped or dump someone:

Here you can find a technical tutorial about data display.

An to finalize, an impressive data display by XKCD to describe the plot of some great movies. Click on the image to go to XKCD and then click on it to see a full-size version. It is really worth it.