Vodafone has recently released the very first Femtocell solution available in Spain. Mainly focused to business customers – given our shaky economics, it will be very tough to convince my fellow Spaniards to spend money on anything right now, specially if it is something that we have traditionally solved by leaving the phone next to the window -, these femtocells will offer 3G coverage and will back-haul the traffic through the broadband connection, mainly ADSL in Spain.

With this new technology, enterprise customers of Vodafone Spain can have a connection inside the mobile network Voice and data from Vodafone.

The femtocells have been designed by Huawei and includes three patents held by the Radio Competence Centre Vodafone Group located in Spain.

Over 25,000 companies with more than 500,000 lines, now experiencing the communications services “in the cloud” offered by Vodafone Office. With the launch of femtocells, Vodafone Office customers have privileged access to the mobile network of Vodafone voice and data.

This is not the first collaboration between Vodafone and Huawei. Vodafone recently teamed up with both Huawei and Ericsson to develop the LTE network in Germany, which is already launched in five states.