I remember being an undergrad in Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona spending many hours in the library on the weeks prior to each semester’s final exams for my Bachelor’s in Telecommunications Engineering. As I have always done, I used to listen to music while studying, to isolate myself from the surrounding and concentrate.

I also remember my friends making fun of me because I used to listen to music with a Sony Walkman. Not an old one though, but a new fancy one I bought. But, what was I supposed to do with all the tapes I had? Plus, I didn’t see a point to spending 400 euros on an iPod – the very first one – and fill it with 10Gb of music. That was a lot of music that I would never have time to listen to on a single day of study.

Eventually, I ended buying a 512Mb MP3 player and moving into the digital age…

Anyhow, I just read in the news that Sony will stop the production of their Walkman. A sad day for nostalgics like me.

News in Spanish here.